What they don’t tell you about Hair Loss?

What they don’t tell you about Hair Loss?

Losing a few strands of hair daily is just normal ‘hair fall’. The alarm bells need not be ringing overtime. People lose 50-100 strands of hair every day, but it grows back. It’s your body’s renewal and rejuvenation process, working normally.

‘Hair Loss’ occurs when the fallen hairs are not replaced by new hair. ‘Hair Loss’ begins when the renewal and rejuvenation process slows down or even stops. A healthy and robust haircare regimen since childhood is probably one of the best ways to ensure a dense crop of lustrous hair, almost throughout life. Similar to agriculture, you have to nourish the scalp and the hair roots. You have to protect it from damage by various internal and external factors, and use various methods to repair the hair from its roots. You need more number of well-nourished healthy hair roots to develop longer, thicker, stronger and lustrous hair.

Follow Mission Hair Growth

This essentially involves a regular strategic schedule of a robust hair-care regimen on a daily basis. The hair root is a very complex organ regulated by numerous cytokines (body secretions that regulate other cells) and has stem cells to repair or form new hair follicles (roots).  

The regimen must do the following: 

  1. Activate the Hair Roots
  2. Nourish the Hair Roots and Scalp
  3. Reduce Hair Loss
  4. Increase Hair Growth

The above strategy will shift the balance from Telogen (resting stage) to Anagen (growth phase) for long periods (even a decade or more). You need to unleash your body’s immense potential for self-repair through a healthy lifestyle, value-added cosmetics with a healing and quite often oral supplements as advised by your Cosmetologist or Trichologist.


Watch this space for useful tips to unleash your natural power to rejuvenate your hair and skin to boost your confidence and ‘Know the New You’.

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