‘Beauty from Within’. Are you doing enough?

‘Beauty from Within’. Are you doing enough?

The skin is the largest organ of the body and has the highest potential for regeneration or rejuvenation. The skin has a regular cycle of renewal throughout life. It performs numerous important functions for the body and therefore it has an abundant reserve of stem cells. The stem cells in the skin are like multi-purpose spare parts. They can transform themselves into many types of cells and replace the damaged or dead cells in the deeper layers of the skin. The outer layer has mostly dead skin cells, which needs regular removal, to restart the rejuvenation process. Along with hydration, these aspects plays an important role in skin rejuvenation and ‘Beauty from Within’.

‘Beauty from Within’ is a holistic approach to ensure the health of the deeper layers of the skin, while helping your cosmetics to lend a healing touch. When cosmetics have an almost medical effect, we fondly call them Cosmedics. A stress free lifestyle, healthy diet, regular exercise & adequate sleep; will immensely help you to achieve your goal. 

Skin damage due to external causes like excessive exposure to pollution, ultra violet radiation (from sunlight), poor hygiene, smoking, alcoholism, drug-abuse and chronic skin diseases, have serious adverse effects, on the overall health of a person. Emerging scientific evidence reveals a ‘bystander effect’ [1], due to which all vital organs and tissues ‘mourn’ the damage to any part of the body. This ‘bystander effect’ involves chronic low-grade inflammation, oxidative stress and other factors.

During your teen years, the renewal may happen in 2-3 weeks. As we grow older, the renewal time increases up to 4 or more weeks in adults. This is the time in your life when innocent children start addressing you as Auntie or Uncle, even though you are single and a teen at heart.

In middle aged (40-50 years) people, the renewal time increases to around 7-9 weeks based on their lifestyle and health. During this period the collagen & elastin network, and the extra cellular matrix (ECM), in the deeper layers of your skin, begin to lose their integrity. Collagen production slows down and Elastin production is almost absent, leading to ‘loss of skin elasticity’. This is the aging process and the beginning of wrinkle formation, and a host of other cosmetic issues.  

Beyond the age of 50 years, the renewal process slows down further and may go beyond 10-13 weeks. In this period, the stem cells gradually lose their ability to regenerate and repair, and become ‘senescent’. Chronic diseases, now seriously influence the cosmetic issues. Consult a Physician and Cosmetologist to treat the underlying causes and cosmetic issues.

Supplements with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects; boosters of collagen and elastin synthesis, and stem cell activators may be advised. Cosmetics with most of the previously mentioned qualities (Cosmedics) lend a ‘healing touch’ and enhance ‘Beauty from Within’.

‘Know the New You’ and Rejoice!

Ref 1: Carlos Lopez Otin, Hallmarks of Aging, Cell. 2013 June 6; 153(6): 1194–1217


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