Tips to Look Young & Feel Young

Tips to Look Young & Feel Young

Age is just a number, when we “look young, feel young and lead a healthy lifestyle”. For thousands of years, humans are searching for that elusive ‘magic potion’ to prolong life or even become immortal. Advances in genetics and anti-ageing research has revealed that we are programmed to live about a 120 years. The emphasis has now shifted to increasing our ‘healthy lifespan’ rather than becoming immortal.

There are dozens of theories about ageing; however Scientists now agree that there are ‘9 hallmarks of ageing’ which we need to control or reverse for increasing our ‘healthy lifespan’. That includes a healthy skin and hair that makes you ‘look young and feel young’ at any age.

Your body has over 50 trillion cells, which are working in harmony. Each cell is like a mini-computer with hardware, software and batteries (mitochondria) too. Each organ (including the skin and hair follicles) has standby repair cells, known as stem cells. They can transform into many types of cells in the organ and ‘replace’ the damaged or dead cells, thereby repair and restore the functions of the skin, hair follicle and other organs.

With increasing age, chronic diseases, unhealthy lifestyles, smoking, drug abuse, over-exposure to Ultra Violet radiation from sunlight and environmental pollution; the stem cells gradually lose their ability to multiply and perform the repair functions. The process is known as stem cell ‘senescence’. The good news is that ‘natural compounds’ can eliminate senescent cells and activate or rejuvenate the viable stem cells. This rejuvenation actually unleashes your body’s immense power to repair and restore the skin and hair roots to their normal healthy condition.

A healthy diet, loaded with fresh fruits, and nuts will be an essential part of feeling and looking young. No matter how busy you are, always include a regular bout of exercise and ensure that you get adequate sleep at night. The body repair functions are at a peak during when you sleep at night.

The Scientific Team at Noemi focused on harnessing and unleashing your body’s immense power through stem cell activation and various other mechanisms; to protect, repair and restore your glowing skin and healthy hair.

We fondly call our value-added cosmetics with a healing touch, as Cosmedics.

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