The quest for youthful skin begins deep within

The quest for youthful skin begins deep within

“The greatest technology on the planet is the human mechanism. But most people are yet to read the user’s manual.”

- Sadhguru (A philosopher and spiritual leader)


Almost all people wish to look younger than people of their age do. The quest for a more youthful skin began thousands of years ago. Innumerable potions and concoctions were touted as anti-aging remedies. However, the results were always inconsistent and the responses varied from person to person. Advances in medical science, genetics and now epigenetics have given far deeper insights into the mechanisms by which the body protects repairs and rejuvenates itself. Indeed, a part of the ‘user’s manual’, is now unraveled by modern science.


Epigenetics is the study of how your behaviors and environment can cause changes that affect the way your genes work. Unlike genetic changes, epigenetic changes are reversible and do not change your DNA sequence. To understand it in simpler terms, let us imagine that each cell in the body is like a modern day laptop computer. The genes or DNA sequence do not change and are like the hardware on your computer. Various software programs are switched on or off during various stages of life. The most noticeable changes happen during puberty. A family of genes known as Sirtuins, were found to be actively involved in DNA repair, inflammation control, endogenous antioxidant cascade and various quick repair functions. The repair functions include Collagen and Elastin synthesis, and maintenance of a healthy ECM (extra cellular matrix) in the skin and other tissues  


Your laptop computer may have just one battery, but nature has provided for thousands of energy producing units, called Mitochondria in each cell. Resveratrol, Coenzyme Q10 and a few other natural compounds improve the number and efficiency of energy generation in the Mitochondria. This aspect plays a major role delaying skin aging. In addition to the stem cells (see Beauty from within, on this website), our genes have on-off switches too, for various functions. When it was discovered that Resveratrol (from grape skin) could trigger the ‘on-off switches’ or Sirtuins, the search and research for similarly active compounds became intense. This is the fascinating and complex field of using natural compounds to induce desirable Epigenetics changes.


We at Noemi have always believed in the philosophy of 'Beauty from Within'. Hence, we chose Epigenetics from the user’s manual, to create our value-added cosmetics, with a healing touch   Our founder Hridaya Gupta, strives very hard to ensure that all Noemi products offer a healing touch from the deepest layers of the skin. Noemi and its associate, Let’s Evolve Life Research, has focused on Epigenetics to unleash the immense natural healing powers of stem cells, in the ECM and hair roots. They can transform into many different cell types of the nearby tissues.


Certain natural compounds like Resveratrol can trigger the production of new and vibrant stem cells. They will speed up the process of repair and rejuvenation, which leads to a smoother and younger looking skin. Noemi has accessed voluminous studies of these natural compounds, to provide longer lasting and age-defying properties to our range of value-added Cosmetics, with a healing touch. 


More recent and ongoing studies show that balanced nutrition, regular exercise, adequate sleep, stress reduction and a healthy lifestyle are significant contributors to skin and overall health. You will be glad that you chose to associate with Noemi, in your quest for younger looking skin.


‘Know the New You’ and Rejoice!


- Made by Hridaya Gupta and Noemi team